Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mixed fortune for Mobile OSes

This week is a week with full emotion, for OS developers. For UIQ lover, they saw UIQ finally filed bankruptcy. While Palm OS lovers, Palm makes a comeback at CES.

Quoted from theregister:

"Motorola had 11 UIQ phones (or variants) planned for release next year, and now all have been cancelled in the most recent company reorganisation."

Sure Nokia purchase of Symbian was not a simple business move.
I wonder what will happen to MotoDev Studio for UIQ, an integrated development environment based on the Eclipse IDE, and Sony Ecrisson's Symbian OS Docs & Tools. They could be phased out soon and extinct anytime. Will Sony Ericsson & Motorola embrace Windows Mobile OS fully since the only Symbian OS is now totally owns by another competitor (a.k.a. Nokia), like Samsung?

With new OS("WebOS"), new handset ("Palm pre") introduction at CES, it revives the hope of Palm Inc. to gain the market once they dominant, and it tries to woo more developer to it:

"It was built with developers in mind,"


"The entire UI is based on a "desktop + cards" paradigm, where "cards" replace "windows" or even "apps." You start with a display area that contains a blank desktop and an iPhone-style dock at the bottom."

And more news of Palm at CES is covered by engadget:

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