Monday, February 4, 2008

550: Access is denied. Why cannot delete files on FTP server?

FTP is quite popular for transfering the large files since old days. One of the problem that I face previously is this: 550 (foo.txt) : Access is denied, when issuing a delete command from application on client side.

After looking the setting level for the FTP at IIS, I found the user has the right to read/write, but this problem still happens on issuing a delete command. I wonder what went wrong???

A check on the file properties on the server side, I found this file has a read-only attribute!

By modifying the attribute, the delete command is able to delete the file again. I think the application on client side does not have the ability to check the file's attribute, at least for Windows FTP service (Unix should have such ability, using: ls -l ). So the workout is the server side must set the attribute implicitly, through FileAttributes Enumeration.


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Jou said...

Who could imagine that this basic configuration was the problem I had for so many weeks? great blog !!!

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