Friday, January 25, 2008

Reflector Addins

Last blog, I talked about the Reflector. After looking for more tool to smooth the work flow of debugging task, I found there are several add-ins that can make you life easier. Scott Hanselman even compiled the list of Codeplex-hosted add-ins in his site.
Well, I personally like the Diff and FileDisassembler, another add-in which is not hosted at the CodePlex. Diff is a tool that act like Windiff to your file compare, but it's used for assembly compare; while the FileDisassembler allows you to reverse-engineer the assembly to the source file, in case you loss your source code (and of course, if you wanna see how people code :-D), althought it might not 100% identical to the original code. (But hey, what you can ask for, since it is free!)

(Image from Reflector.FileDisassembler)

Must-have and go get it!

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