Friday, November 28, 2008

Free booklets from Symbian

Symbian has published few booklets online, for free in SDN (Symbian Developer Network). You might ask, what the heck the booklet is. They are probably books contains small amount of pages.

Quoted from one of the booklets:
This booklet is targeted at absolute beginners wishing to develop C++ code on Symbian OS. We help you to choose the right tools and development environment, and list everything you’ll need - from the software development kits you’ll use,to the hardware you’ll work with.

These booklets are essentially the starting guide for the absolute beginner, who are getting started with the coding in Symbian OS, either UIQ or S60. Though most of them are less than hundred page, i think it inspires the community to grow bigger. There are under three categories (I don't count translated category as one, though i listed it):
a) Essential Symbian OS booklets
  • Coding Tips
  • Performance Tips
  • Coding Standards
b) Using Symbian OS booklets Essential
  • Getting started
  • P.I.P.S.
  • Carbide.c++
  • Ready for ROM
  • Platform security for all
c) Essential UI booklets
  • Essential UIQ: Getting Started
  • Essential S60:Getting Started
  • Creating Location-Aware Applications
d) Translated booklets
  • Chinese Getting Started
  • Chinese Coding Tips
  • Japanese Coding Tips
  • Chinese Essential UIQ Getting Started
  • Chinese Performance Tips
  • Japanese Performance Tips
  • Korean Coding Tips
  • Japanese Data Sharing Tips
  • Japanese P.I.P.S.
  • Spanish Getting Started
  • Japanese Carbide.c++
  • Chinese P.I.P.S.
  • Japanese Getting Started
  • Korean Getting Started
  • Russian Getting Started
  • Chinese Coding Standards
  • Japanese Coding Standards
  • Chinese Platform security for all
  • Persian Getting Started
  • Russian Carbide.c++
  • Italian Quick Recipes Taster
Personally, i think these 2 books are not bad:
a)"Essential S60:Getting Started" and

b) "Carbide.c++"

And actually you could get more at Forum Nokia, under section "Documentation". While you might interest to develop Symbian-based apps using C#, you might be a bit disappointed, this booklet is purely based on Net60, which is a propriety tool of Red Five Labs, and you got to pay for it.

So, why wait, get a copy of S60 Platform SDKs & Carbide.c++ Express (free IDE), and start coding!

#p/s: I think I am going to buy a Nokia N95 and create some simple apps as well, it looks great.
another #p/s: Nowadays, it becomes a common practice for every OS vendors host their sites, with the name like "XXX Developer Network", and "XXX Platform SDK". Familiar? See Microsoft Developer Network(MSDN) & Windows Platform SDK.

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