Friday, April 18, 2008

Preview of another project I am developing - SQL Management Console

For the past two months, I am busy developing my second .net app. - SQL Management Console. It comes with a MSSQL-like object explorer/browser and a simple analyzer. All my time after working hours and weekends is devoted for this project. (The first one is widget-like analog clock; anyway first and second in context here means specially made with purpose).

Actually I first come out the idea on last year, when I was involved in a business project interface with different kind of RDBMS databases, eg. MSSQL, MySQL, FireBird, Oracle, OleDB, ODBC, .... Due to some personal reason, I was unable to continue it. With more exposure on interface design, suddenly I found it's interesting to start this project on my own. With the classes in namespace System.Data.Common, the ADO .NET programming becomes easier. Now It support MSSQL and MySQL. PostgreSQL is my next target.

While developing it, I also found few famous tools available on the market, like myLittleAdmin, Red-gate software. I hope one day my SQL tool can on-par with them. By the way, myLittleAdmin costs US$299.00.

Forget about the intro, let you all see some screenshot of it.
  • MSSQL 2005
  • MSSQL 2000

  • MySQL 5.0

The full-source version 0.1 should be ready to download within these two weeks.

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